The Employer will recognise one lead delegate for the employer as elected by the Union members employed by the employer under this Agreement. The lead delegate will also be the health and safety representative for their specific work group.

The lead delegate will be allowed reasonable time during working hours to attend to their duties, provided that the lead delegate first advises management and such time does not unduly affect the performance of work.

The employer shall provide a lead delegate with reasonable access to stationery and other administrative facilities including telephone, facsimile, the internet including their own long-in, photocopier, air-conditioning/heating, a lockable filing cabinet, table and chairs, notice boards, and a meeting area where such access is required to undertake lead delegate duties.

Provided that at least two weeks written notice is given by the Union to the employer, a lead delegate will be granted up to five days paid leave each calendar year to attend lead delegate events. Delegate leave shall be taken in blocks no less than four hours and shall count as service for all purposes of this Agreement.

The employer shall not be liable for any additional expenses associated with an employee's attendance at a union delegate event other than the payment of ordinary time earnings for such absence. For the purpose of this clause ordinary time earnings shall be defined as the relevant agreement classification rate including fares and travel and site allowances.

Where an employee is sick during a period when leave pursuant to this clause has been granted, proof of attendance at the delegate event is not required for that period and the employee shall receive payment if entitled under the provisions of the relevant award clause.

A lead delegate may be paid for reasonable time off site where required to represent the employees' interests to the employer or in Industrial Tribunals and Courts and/or attend delegates meetings.

A lead delegate will be invited to attend inductions for new employees of the employer for a reasonable time.

Lead delegates will be treated fairly and have the right to perform their role as lead delegate without discrimination in their employment.



To assist the lead delegate fulfil their role, the employer will recognise site delegates as elected by the Union members on that site.

Site delegates will work with the lead delegate to provide site-specific feedback and to disseminate information on behalf of the delegate. The site delegate will also be the health and safety representative for their specific work group.