About Us

The Plumbers Union is the industrial Union representing licensed plumbers and related workers in the water, fire, sanitary and mechanical plumbing industries. 


We represent the welfare of our members through a strong and dynamic network of delegates, exercise industry leadership through the development of strategic partnerships and diligently manage the Union’s resources to ensure our members have a competitive advantage over non-union members in the marketplace. The benchmark we have set for ourselves in lay terms, is to build an industry which we would all be proud to have our own children to be a part of.


Our core business is to represent the welfare of the union members and their families. We deliver this promise via three core business services including industry representation, education and training and occupational health and safety compliance.


What we believe in and where we have come from enable us to act with authenticity at all times. Some of our commonly held ideals include; 

Pride - To demonstrate by example, the pride we have in our members, our Union and our industry. We also speak with pride about our past members who by their dedication have gained for us the benefits we enjoy today.

Respect - For each other, for our industry and for our tradition.

Consistency - By exercising integrity at the point of decision we will remain consistent with our vision and our values. 

Innovation - In times of rapid change we will explore/investigate a variety of strategies that will add value to the welfare of our members and the industry as a whole.